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Clean Torch

Clean Torch 2 Size Heads

Clean Torch 2 Size Heads

Introducing Clean Torch, the innovative flameless electric lighter with a rubber ring for a tight bowl seal and windproof design, the Clean Torch delivers peak performance.

Keep your lighter working efficiently with the Double Pack Heads, which includes regular and large head openings that fit 510 thread batteries for easy swapping. Enjoy a seamless smoking session with Clean Torch (battery not included).  Works only with 2500mAh battery or better. 




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Key Features:

Butane-Free: Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and enjoy a cleaner smoke.

Flameless & Windproof: Perfect for any environment, no flame means no hassle.

Vaporizes: Delivers a smooth, vaporized smoke.

Eco-Friendly: A sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious smoker.

Versatile: Works everywhere, from your living room to the great outdoors.

Safety Warnings:

  1. Do not touch the open surface when hot.
  2. The top coil will get extremely hot when the unit is on.
  3. Allow the unit to cool before handling.
  4. Do not touch the top coil after use.
  5. Do not touch the top coil while in use.